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From Vinicius Carvalho <>
Subject Struts and Action errors
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:23:49 GMT
	Hi there! I'm a newbie to Struts, and this question may be a little silly, 
	How exactly do I use action errors? How do I render them? In my app, I 
control the session via RequestProcessor using processPreProcess method. If 
the session is invalid, I create a new error using
ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();
errors.add("sessionExpired",  new ActionError("errors.sessionExpired");

Well, and then I redirect the user to the desired login page, and there I have

<html:errors property="sessionExpired"/>

But nothing is shown. Also, in my actionForms, in the validate method, I 
add errors using the same syntax and none are shown either.
In the Actions classes, the examples created by Websphere, I see that 
everytime those actionErrors are saved using a method called saveErrors, 
but this method is not static and belongs to Action class, the other 
modules does not access it.

Any help?


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