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From Manfred Wolff <>
Subject Re: One action per request, or chaining two?
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 06:43:53 GMT

There are no rules. In the programming guide of my project it is 
described, that you have to make two actions. The both actions has two 
diffrent suffixes (pre and post), so that you can differ it. Than the 
responsibility of the action is clearly than in the other way.


John Boyes wrote:

>I've read the archives on this subject (action chaining etc) carefully but
>am still slightly confused about the following:
>If a typical situation for a page request is:
>1) Data from a form submission is processed
>2) Data is retrieved from the database to generate the next page view,
>is it better practice to have just one action handle both 1) and 2), or is
>it better practice to relay two separate actions.
>I have read posts which indicate that one action per request should be the
>norm for most situations, but equally I have read other posts which indicate
>that it is normal to have one action to handle the form submission and
>another to generate the next page view.
>Thanks for any replies,

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