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From Patrick Scheuerer <>
Subject Re: Advice needed for ActionForm problem
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 23:09:42 GMT
I'm attending the Fachhochschule beider Basel in Switzerland (it's called 
University of Applied Sciences). The thesis is to get my diploma in Computer 

The topic is about the following:
I have to develop a support portal prototype for a company. so far they are 
doing all their support via phone and they want to expand the support to another 
channel. They already have a web presence and a support page but it's all static 
HTML and for every change they have to call the company that designed their 
page. With this new portal the support staff will have the ability to create new 
support documents via a web interface.

So far all the content of their support site is only available to support 
personnel of their distributors but they want to change that so they can decide 
about the access level on document to document basis.

I decided to use Struts because we had a brief introduction to it one class and 
I really liked it. The company left the choice about which technologies I want 
to use to me (which is pretty cool ).

There's nothing available online at the moment but if you're interested in can 
send you a link when it is. My thesis paper will be in German though The support 
site on the other hand will be in English.


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