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From Bryce Fischer <>
Subject Re: Cactus vs StrutsTestCase
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:01:25 GMT
I agree.

There are two frameworks I've seen to test struts based web stuff. The
easiest to use is StrutsTestCase (the other is mockrunner). It can use
both a Mock container as well as Cactus. I haven't gotten around to
using the CactusTestCase, as I do most of my unit testing without the
overhead of the container (to me, that's for integration testing). The
Mock container does a good job I feel.

I do have an EJB layer, but I use an interface for my Struts delegate
methods. This allows me to send a Mock'ed object of my interface to my
Struts Action class to test, without having to go through the EJB stuff
(For EJB stuff, I'm using MockEJB, but that's a different email).

Nice thing about using Mocks for my delegate classes, is that I can
simulate lots of different things. I can tell it to pass anything back
to the Action servlet, including throwing exceptions. This allows me to
make sure my Action Servlets are handling all kinds of situations.


> Hi, Ashikuzzaman£¡
> 	I use StrutsTestCase to test my struts-based web tier action. Because StrutsTestCase
> use mock object to mock the container. So you needn't start your container(tomcat or
> to test your action class. It's a very fast way to test.
> 	However, StrutsTestCase can not mock EJB call. So if your web application contains EJB
> you should use cactus, which can start jboss automatically to test your code, or you
use the MockEJB to mock your ejb call.

Bryce Fischer <>

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