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From Ralf Bode <>
Subject Thread-safe in Action.execute()
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 09:46:35 GMT
Hi list,

just a question about
threadsafty with actions.

okay they are safe if i use only exe()
and local vars in it...

but if i have access to OJB inside an execute()
and two or more request at same moment happened to
that exe(), how can i ensure the threadsafty, or
does OJB deal with this?

i watch the example-app (after read an comment from
craig (2001/02/28) and saw in MemoryDB is use of
synchronized, for DB-Access)
but this is manual-dealing, not over a tool like OJB.

(sorry, perhaps an OJB-question)
perhaps anyone of you does know it,
because her/he is working on it!

thanks alot!



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