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From Otávio Augusto <>
Subject mapped address
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 03:33:05 GMT
I have the following situation:

In my struts-config.xml file, there are lots of mappings like this one:
<forward name="vendaconfirma" path="/vendaConfirmacao.jsp" />

In my application, the user has the chance to add or remove itens from a collection which
is in the httpsession. There is only one place to add those itens, but the user can remove
then at any time, at least in 3 different web pages during the workflow.

I'd like to implement a single Action class to handle the task of getting the httpsession
with those items, remove a certain item and go back to the page where i requested this task.
As I said, there are at least 3 different jsp pages where the user can invoke this "remove"

The question is: is there a way to get , in the Action class, the mapping for the page where
I came from ? At the end of my execute() methods in my Action classes,I do this

return (mapping.findForward(destino));

to return to the jsp page. "destino" is a String containig the jsp "alias" mapped in struts-config.xml.
Since I can invoke this Action from, at least, 3 different places, how to feed "destino" with
the correct mapping so I can rturn to the page I invoked the service from?

thanks in advance

Otávio Augusto

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