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From "Tim Kettering" <>
Subject Unspecified action in LookupDispatchAction behavior?
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 00:15:02 GMT

I'm trying to figure out what exactly LookupDispatchAction does, if the
parameter in the url is not present (returned as null).  I'm looking at
the source code, and it apparently throws an ServletException if the
returned parameter is null.

I've tried implementing the unspecified method, but it still isn't
working.  If I change my action to extend DispatchAction instead of
LookupDispatchAction, it will work fine, but I need to use
LookupDispatchAction because I'm using it to determine behavior based on
which submit button is clicked on.

Can someone give me any insight on what I should be doing?  Thanks!

/ 		   // throws ServletError with handler not found
/  // non-valid parameter goes thru unspecified
/    // valid parameter does get executed.

Tim Kettering -
Vivakos, Inc.

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