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From "Paul-J Woodward" <>
Subject Re: ConcurrentModificationException on ActionErrors
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 15:51:01 GMT

I don't know what is causing the exact error from your code snippet, but a ConcurrentModificationException
is thrown when you try to modify a list on which you have an iterator.

See here:

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I have a Struts action that is trying to show all of the errors that might occur from either
or both of two subordinate methods. The
code looks like:

  ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();
  ActionErrors errors1 = null;
  ActionErrors errors2 = null;

  Obj1 obj1 = new Obj1();
  Obj2 obj2 = new Obj2();

  errors1 = obj1.getErrors();
  if (!errors1.isEmpty()) {

  errors2 = obj2.getErrors();
  if (!errors2.isEmpty()) {

Problem is I get the ConcurrentModificationException when I try and do either of the "errors.add"
methods above. Methods
method1/method2 are pretty vanilla, just doing some database work and accumulating any errors
in an associated ActionErrors.

I've searched the archives but only found one or two references to ConcurrentModificationException
and they did not involve
ActionErrors. Any ideas or help is appreciated.

- Richard

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