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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Dynamic assignment of tiles
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 14:47:39 GMT
The XMLs files are just used to generate an object graph. If you want to 
   change definitions dynamically, you'd want to look at changing the 
object graph rather than the XML script.

Though, dynamic content is not usually dependant on the Tiles definition 
itself. Typically, dynamic content is passed through the request and 
then merged into the server page.

If you are talking about adding additional tiles to a list at runtime, I 
believe Cedric describes some techniques for that in his advanced Tiles 

Essentially, you might be talking about creating a profile and then 
using that profile to create the list of tiles to render.

Meanwhile, no this isn't a DEV topic, and yes, you should be posting 
items like this to the USER list. DEV is for features that don't exist 
yet :)


Paul-J Woodward wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am working on an intranet website using struts/tiles. Due to server 
> restrictions write access is not allowed to the disk from which content is 
> served. In order to update/add to the content of the website dynamically I 
> need to change the tileDefinitions.xml file, which is obviously not 
> possible.
> My only solution so far is to write my own version of the 
> org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition package to access a database instead 
> - essentially create a TilesDefinitionFactory which reads the definitions 
> from a database.
> I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or alternatives?
> Paul
> PS Apologies for the repost - on 2nd thoughts this seems far more 
> dev-oriented than most posts on users list.
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