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Subject RE: [OT] Looking for a Taglib
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 18:55:24 GMT
You can pass the "available" and "selected" collections to an
html:optionsCollection tag and it will render the boxes fine, however
this does not solve your JavaScript problem. There is not really a lot
of configuration to do, just place a data bean in a scope and point the
html:optionsCollection tag to the bean.

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From: []
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 11:50 AM
Subject: RE: [OT] Looking for a Taglib

It's pretty early in the game for me so I'm open to any suggestion. :)

On some pages I have more than one of these "list box choosers" (for 
lack of a better name).
I suppose as long as I pass the two list boxes & buttons, that would

I was thinking is would be nice if I could just treat the whole thing as

one big component.
Say pass the "available" and "selected" collections to a taglib & let it

do most of the work.
Even using the html taglib, there's quite a bit of configuration do to 
set the labels, listboxes,
collections, button, etc. Oh well, I guess I'll leave it and if it 
become a big problem later
I can roll my own. :)

Thanks for the idea!!
L:) wrote:

>As far as I know, there are not any JavaScript-backed tag libraries (I
>am pretty sure that any standard tag library won't provide the dynamic
>features that you are looking for without having to do a page refresh).
>Have you considered dumping all your JavaScript to a .js file,
>it into your webpage, and associating it with the buttons?
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>Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 10:07 AM
>Subject: [OT] Looking for a Taglib
>Hi List,
>I have several pages that need to show users a list of available
>in one listbox, an add & remove button & a list box that shows the 
>options they've already selected. This fairly common in UI's & I've
>this on a few web pages something like this...
>Available States                   Selected States
>+------------+                    +--------------+
>| Alabama    |                    | Connecticut  |
>| Alaska     |   +---------+      | Maine        |
>| Arizona    |   |   Add>> |      |              |
>| Arkansas   |   +---------+      |              |
>| California |                    |              |
>| Colorado   |   +---------+      |              |
>| Delaware   |   |<<Remove |      |              |
>| Florida    |   +---------+      |              |
>+------------+                    +--------------+
>I've looked on Google, SourceForge & Jakarta for a taglib that
>would do something like this, without success.
>Obviously the html taglib will help with the buttons & listboxes,
>but there's a lot of javascript needed to support this kind of
>widget & it would be a lot easier to manage if there was a taglib
>that could generate it.
>Does anyone know of a taglib that could help with this and/or
>another source finding taglibs?
>Thanks in advance.
>Linda :)

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