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From Lukas Österreicher <>
Subject Preserving original request until after login redirect
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 17:23:16 GMT

I have recently posted a problem I had and then
was told to look at "Redirecting after Logon".

As far as I have seen (I think I do not have all posts though)
this is not a solution for me as it uses predefined structures
already hardwired into struts.

My Problem is the following:
I have user-defined user bean which is put into the
session indicating which user is logged in with that session.
Most pages require the user to be logged in, some do not
(this is checked for in each Action).

Now, for instance I have a page that lists radio
programs. Clicking on one should display the tracks
that are contained in a specific program. For this
a programId parameter is passed in a form.

The program list page is browsable without
authentication, but the track list page is not.

So when the user is already logged the tracklist
will just be displayed, if it is not, the request containing
the programId parameter should be saved, then a login
should be done - displaying a login page where the
user enters username and password and upon login
the user is redirected to the track list page.

I can manage the redirection ofcorse, but I do not know
how to store and restore the request data properly
(in this case, as redirection is done, also the before
saved request containing the programId parameter
is restored as if the action to which is referred to again
was called by a form (but in this case it is redirected
to from an Action).

Do you know how to do this?

Thanx in Advance,

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