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From "Antony Paul" <>
Subject Some doubts.
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 12:51:15 GMT
Hi all,
    I am starting to learn Struts. On going throgh the documentation I have
some doubts.
1. Is a form bean is an ActionForm.?
2. It says that data is stored in JavaBeans. In the presentation layer I
have to display several select boxes whose value is fetched from database
eg. states,postal codes etc.. How to do it in Struts. There are other values
which is to be dispalyed in text boxes which can be get from a JvaBean. I
dont see any other way than putting scriptlet in View. Custom tags or
creating a JavaBean and executing it is another option.(Currently I am using
3. Where the Business Logic is implemented. That is accessing database and
updating data. Is it ok to do it in ActionForm.

Thanks in advance

Antony Paul.

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