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From "Bessette" <>
Subject Can't store object in request from an action
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2003 03:38:46 GMT
I'm trying to set an attribute in the request scope from an action.
However, when I do the following:

public ActionForward execute(
	ActionMapping mapping,
	ActionForm form,
	HttpServletRequest request,
	HttpServletResponse response)
	throws Exception {

	request.setAttribute( "testing", "This is a test" );
	return mapping.getInputForward();

and in my jsp page, I do:

<%= pageContext.findAttribute( "testing" ) %>

I always get null.  Is the request sent to the execute statement the same
one used for the forward?  Could this be because I want to forward to the
input jsp?  Please, please help me out.  I've been spinning my wheels for a
few days now trying to figure this out.


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