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From "Rabago, Hubert" <>
Subject RE: session time-out in pop-up windows
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 15:31:12 GMT
You'd have to find a way to identify the popup.  It could be because of
the requested resource ("myPopup" or any page with "popup") or a special
request parameter which will only be sent by a request for a popup
window ("href='/mycontext/").
Either way, the filter will have to be notified somehow that "Hey, this
particular request here is a popup!"
When it does, then you can redirect the popup to a different page which
does nothing but send the parent to a different url and close itself.

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Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 9:10 AM
Subject: RE: session time-out in pop-up windows


Thanks for this.

But how would filter recognise that the request was sent by a popup?  As
I understand, the process is like:
- pop-up window opens
- Page would read global forward url from the struts config file (the
page to display)
- It will check filter:  if "filter pass" is true display url page else
display error page.

So I am not sure, how Step 3 and then 4 could be implemented.

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From: Hubert Rabago [] 
Sent: 03 November 2003 14:50
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: session time-out in pop-up windows

Another way might be:
1. user clicks link for pop-up window, window pops-up
and initiates the web request
2. Filter intercepts the request and senses that the
session has timed out
3. Before redirecting, filter recognizes that the
request was sent by a popup, and instead redirects to
a different pop-up page
4. The session-expired pop-up window shows in the
browser with JS code to (a) redirect the parent page
to the login window and (b) close itself.

--- wrote:
> I am using Filters to determine whether session has
> timed out or no and
> redirect user to login page.  The implementation
> class extends Action
> class so you could display appropriate messages on
> login page when user
> gets redirected to it due to time out.
> However this does not work well when there are
> pop-up windows:  e.g.
> When user clicks on a hyperlink in a parent browser
> window, a new pop-up
> window opens to display information.  But when the
> session has timed
> out, the pop-up window displays "session time out
> error" and redirects
> it log in page.  What I intend to achieve is that
> when the user clicks
> on the hyperlink and if the session has expired new
> pop-up window does
> not open and is the redirected to login page in the
> parent browser
> window itself.
> One possibility is to associate the hyperlink on the
> page with a form
> submission and then verify session time out in
> Action class but then how
> to open pop-up window from within Action class?
> Any other possibilities?
> Any suggestions/pointers will be much appreciated.
> Regards
> Chinmay

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