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From "Dirk Liebscher" <>
Subject <nested:select> - Transfering multiple values in >option>
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:33:17 GMT

I'm a student and new to Struts and I've got the following problem, which I
have to describe textually, cause the code has not been implemented yet:

I've got a form with data to ..ehm... consider a car, which is a value
object. This object is stored as an attribute in an ActionForm.
Every car has got a product group, which again is an value object and stored
inside the car object of the ActionForm.

So in the JSP-form I use nested-tags. The root tag is the ActionForm.
Then <nested:nest property="car">
And then follows a <nested:select property="productgroup"> - box, showing
the names of product groups as labels. The values are the identification
codes of these product groups. It's only possible to choose one of the

Now, if I submit the form, the choosen product group will be stored inside
the car object and the car object inside the form object.
But only the id of the product group is stored, whereas the label is not.

And thats my problem, because I'd like to show the name of the choosen
product group on a following jsp-page before it will be saved in a database.
But I only get the id, cause I can't declare more than one value for an

Any idea or workaround?

Thanks a lot,
Dirk Liebscher

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