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Subject session time-out in pop-up windows
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 12:18:55 GMT
I am using Filters to determine whether session has timed out or no and
redirect user to login page.  The implementation class extends Action
class so you could display appropriate messages on login page when user
gets redirected to it due to time out.  


However this does not work well when there are pop-up windows:  e.g.
When user clicks on a hyperlink in a parent browser window, a new pop-up
window opens to display information.  But when the session has timed
out, the pop-up window displays "session time out error" and redirects
it log in page.  What I intend to achieve is that when the user clicks
on the hyperlink and if the session has expired new pop-up window does
not open and is the redirected to login page in the parent browser
window itself.


One possibility is to associate the hyperlink on the page with a form
submission and then verify session time out in Action class but then how
to open pop-up window from within Action class?


Any other possibilities?


Any suggestions/pointers will be much appreciated.









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