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From "David Liles" <>
Subject RE: ResourceBundle not available in ActionForm
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:53:13 GMT
Not sure if it matters, but is there a difference as to where the reference should be located
(ie: web.xml vs. struts-config.xml) between Struts 1.0 and 1.1? 

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	From: alvin antony [] 
	Sent: Tue 11/11/2003 9:42 AM 
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	Subject: Re: ResourceBundle not available in ActionForm

	Hi Dominique,
	      Make sure that "" and ""
are available in a package 'resources'
	under WEB-INF/classes or WEB-INF/lib/
	Dominique Kraus-Ahma <> wrote:
	i am trying to access a message-resource, that holds my error messages.
	Since i have two message resources, i need to give them an id to identify
	them. This is how my struts-config.xml looks like:
	parameter="resources.ApplicationResources" />
	parameter="resources.ApplicationErrors" />
	Using them in the jsp-Page is no problem at all, e.g.:
	But when i try to retrieve a key in the appropriate ActionForm-class, i get
	the well known "Cannot find message resources under key
	org.apache.struts.action.MESSAGE" error. How come? Here is an excerpt of my
	ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();
	if( ( null == this.accountname ) || ( 1 > this.accountname.length() ) )
	errors.add( "accountname", new ActionError(
	"application.text.login.account" ) );
	I checked the spelling, i moved the resource files around within my
	catalouges, but it just won't work.
	Is there a way to specify the bundle to use, when trying to retrieve a
	message from the ActionForm class?
	Thanx in advance,
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