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From Arne Brutschy <>
Subject Struts Validator with special characters
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:20:15 GMT

I found a problem with the struts validator. It seems that it is not
possible to use special characters (like german "Umlaute") in an
regular expression.. I tried this:

      <constant-value>^[\-\'\`\Ž\.\ a-zäöüßáéíúóàèìùòâêîôûñA-ZÄÖÜÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÑ]+$</constant-value>

Hans Mueller evaluates, Hans Müller doesn't. The RegExp is simple and
works with an external tester.

Even if I use the simpler regexp ^[a-züA-Z]+$ "Hans Müller" does not
evaluate. Is this some sort of encoding problem? I thought, http is
clearly designed for 8bit-use.

Can anybody explain this? Did I something wrong or is this a


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