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From Brice Ruth <>
Subject Question on storing bean in request context
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 16:58:46 GMT
Good morning (again)

I have an Action that is retrieving a javabean object from my database 
(via iBATIS, thank you very much :)) and I need to store that bean 
somewhere where a Tile can access it. What I'm doing, is storing it in 
the request context (request.setAttribute("item",item)) and then my 
Action returns a forward that is mapped to a tile definition. That tile 
definition assembles a collection of tiles (which is all working) - the 
tile that needs to access the information in the bean, then does this:

jsp:useBean id="item" scope="request" type="com.fiskars.webpdb.ItemBean"

But, when I try to output something, like c:out 
value="${item.productName}" - I get nothing, no errors, no exceptions, 

Any ideas?

Brice D. Ruth
Sr. IT Analyst
Fiskars Brands, Inc.

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