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From alvin antony <>
Subject Problems with charset iso8859_1 and encoding
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 16:12:10 GMT
Hi *,
        I am desperately looking for a solution on this. Sorry  for my poor knowledge on Unicode
        In my application users are allowed to type data in different languages, for example
A Greek alphabet ' Ã ' is represented in ISO8859_1 as &#915; but when  I use any of the
tags in struts, it converts this to &amp#915.
I assume struts treats '&' as HTML sensitive comp.. but it isn't here. When i use <%=myBean.getProperty()
%> it prints ' Ã ' that is correct. 
I write two lines in my jsp's to convert to ISO8859_1.
1. <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso8859_1" />
2. <%@page contentType="text/html; charset=iso8859_1" %>
any help is highly appreciated
Thanks in advance
alvin antony <> wrote:
Hello guys,

I didn't found any from Struts solution for the my last mail (find below), but I managed to
correct it by adding a line in my Tiles layout file

Now I run into new problem that, the not understands this charset or interprets differently
:-/ . I have to set 'filter' to false, in order to work.

If any anybody know where I have to set that DEFAULT value for 'filter' in is FALSE instead
of TRUE?

I tried set in the struts-bean.tld's found in /WEB-INF folder and in the Struts.jar. doesn't
help:-/ .Any help?

Thanks a lot


alvin antony wrote:

Hello Friends,
I am coming back to the Struts mailing list after a long period. 

I have a problem with my Struts Application , that allows the users to fill in a form. When
a user type in Greek letter's into the application and later reads backs to the browser from
the application it shown as another letter, but when I change the coding on the browsing to
Greek(Windows), it shows the correct letter. Is it possible encode characters automatically
from Struts Framework.

I tried already to define Controller in the Struts Config as given below


but with out success. 
If any body can help us on this, would be great.



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80538 München
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