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From Caoilte O'Connor <>
Subject upload validation failures are blanking my form values
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 11:22:05 GMT
Hi, I've got a bizarre bug with the struts-upload tools.

Struts-upload "works" when,

1) everything validates correctly.
2) there is a validation error and you do not attempt to 
upload a file.

but it breaks as soon as i try to upload a file and there is 
a validation error for any reason.

The errors get reported correctly and I get returned to the 
input page BUT all the form fields are blanked. This does 
NOT happen if I do not attempt to upload a file.

I have confirmed this also happens in the struts-upload 
example webapp. Has anyone else been infuriated by this bug 
and found any workarounds?

I'm not using a nightly build.



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