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From "Castañeda Santana, Jose Manuel" <>
Subject Passing objects from JSP to Action (in request scope)
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 08:51:19 GMT

	Thanks again, Adolfo!

	I think the MVC model is respected: in the second JSP I´v received a
vector with the results of a DB query that is done in the 	previous
action (Action1): I need 	this vector in the following Action
(Action2); how to pass it, avoiding session scope?

	JSP1------> Action1 ------->JSP2 (here)------request------>Action2

	I mean, I want to handle this object (the vector) as I do with the
data of the JSP2's form fields: to send it. Is there any way to 	do
	Thanks again, I hope this will be the last question about this item!

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