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From Pratik Patel <>
Subject Re: How do I populate a DynaValidatorForm?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:53:25 GMT
> "DynaActionForms are not a drop-in replacement for ActionForms. If you
> need to access ActionForm properties in your Action, you will need to
> use the map-style accessor, like myForm.get("name"). If you actively use
> the ActionForm object in your Action, then you may want to use
> conventional ActionForms instead."

Why aren't you just using ActionForms? To be honest, I never use 
DynaActionForms. Sure, there's an extra Java class that needs to be 
written, but I find it easier to write an ActionForm class than write 
out a XML descriptor for a DynaActionForm. Plus it's easier to unit test 
  a concrete class than one that assumes its properties at runtime. If 
you're too lazy (like me) to actually write the ActionForm class, just 
use XDoclet to generate one for you.


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