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From "Ruben Carvalho" <>
Subject Websphere and Struts modules
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 17:24:17 GMT
Hello everybody,
I have a stupid error which I think is because of IBM but I can't prove it.
I'm trying to use modules with IBM, I've configured web.xml like:
Imagine that I want to use an action inside a JSP. I create a new action-mapping like this:
    <action    path="/myAction"
      <forward name="success"              path="/myJSP.jsp"/>
In my JSP I put <html:form action="/myAction">
Now, Websphere gives me a warning like this:
Target /myJSP.jsp cannot be resolved in the context of the following modules: /module1
I've added
    <!-- The "input" parameter on "action" elements is the name of a
         local or global "forward" rather than a module-relative path -->
    <set-property property="inputForward" value="true"/>
to struts-config but even without it it doesn't work
Can somebody help me? Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it possible that Websphere doesn't
recognize this?
Many thanks
RĂºben Carvalho
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