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From Thomas Cornet <>
Subject Re: How to pull messages from multiple Bundles?
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 09:18:21 GMT

Oh, excuse me. Looking at the DTDs, it seems that <html:errors> tag has a 
'bundle' parameter, so something like  :

<html:errors bundle="errors" property="your_property">

This should search errors message in the right message ressource, if they 
are all in the same.


PS : ActionError class just stores the key, which is only processed by 
html:errors during page generation

At 23:54 17/09/2003, you wrote:
>You didn't get the question.
>I understand that multiple bundles can be used in bean:write or other tags 
>that understand i18n.
>Question is:
>Application identifies two errors-
>errors.invalid (found in bundle1)
>invalid.amount (found in bundle2)
>When i create these errors and add it to the request scope how do i tell 
>it which bundle do these keys exist in?
>If i say html:errors to display my errors how would it know that one of 
>the error keys is from bundle1 while the other is from bundle2?
>Hope that clarifies the question
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