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From Hunter Hillegas <>
Subject html:select Not 'Selecting' My Item
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:04:03 GMT
I have an html:select tag that isn't playing along...

I pre-populate a form in an action. I also create a TreeMap and add it to
the request scope.

I have the following in my JSP:

<html:select property="associatedSalesperson"
name="sampleRequestCompleteForm" value="encodeAssociatedSalespersonID">

<html:options collection="assocatedSalespeople" property="key"


The problem is not that the map doesn't display as options, they do, that is
fine. The problem is that the correct item isn't highlighted. No item is
highlighted (default, top item).

I have a println() in my getEncodeAssociatedSalespersonID() method in my
ActionForm and it doesn't appear that it is being called. Isn't this
supposed to be evaluated.

My understanding is that if the key of the option matches the evaluated
value of the 'value' attribute of the html:select, it should show as

Is that true? What am I doing wrong?


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