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From Curtney Jacobs <>
Subject Calling A default Action Upon Application Startup
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 23:50:39 GMT
Greetings everyone!

I would like to preopulate serveral forms with default values retrieve from a 
database upon application startup or after a successful login by the user.

I have an approach in mind, however, I am not sure if it is the most efficient 
or best approach. My approach is to use a filter that creates and stores in 
memory default ActionForms. The ActionForm will contain default values for 
select fields (or any other fields) retrieved from a database. The 
ActionForms will be stored within the current user session and then controll 
will be given over to Struts ActionServlet.

Another similar approach would be to register a listerner 
(HttpSessionAttributeListener) that would essentially  wait for a specific 
attribute to be added into the session (i.e SETUP_FORMS) then it would query 
the database for neccessary application setup data.

I read the message archive, and a few have suggested calling a "setup action" 
per request that prepopulates the default values in the ActionForm. This is a 
valid approach, but IMHO only for small applications. It just seems that 
there will be to much "traffic" going on between the app and the database. 
Correct me if I am wrong.

If you have gotten this far please share your thoughts on this topic.


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