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From "Aaron Humphrey" <>
Subject Re: logic:iterate tag fails on large dataset, succeeds on small one?
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 18:04:24 GMT

> If both JSTL and Struts are failing, it's probably your code that's
> broken.

> David

Often a reasonable assumption, in the circumstances, but it turns out not so.

I got my page to work with a straight Servlet full of out.println() statements.
Then I got it working using one Servlet filling my bean and putting it in
session context and then forwarding to the other, in case that was the

And then I put in <c:out> tags to replace my <bean:write> tags, which I
perhaps should have done in the first place.  I guess I assumed they'd be
as interchangeable as <c:forEach> and <bean:iterate>.  But <c:out>
works.  Which leads me to conclude that the problem might be in <bean:write>.

Am I correct in thinking that future versions of Struts may end up using JSTL
anyway?  If so, then I guess I'll keep to this approach.  Someone else can
debug <bean:write> if they want to.

Aaron V. Humphrey
Kakari Systems Ltd.

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