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From "Aaron Humphrey" <>
Subject Re: logic:iterate tag fails on large dataset, succeeds on small one?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 21:33:27 GMT

>>> 07/21/03 12:00PM >>>
> I suggest you use the JSTL's <c:forEach> tag instead of the Struts iterate
> tag.  I have dynamic query pages that use forEach and display n number of
> fields with no problem.  As an added bonus you'll get improved page
> rendering time because containers can optimize the performance of JSTL
> tags.

Okay, I got JSTL 1.0 working on my machine(after giving up on 1.1, which is
apparently too bleeding-edge).  Replacing logic:iterate with c:forEach is

And I still get the same problem.  Oh, the exception might come up on a different
line of my compiled JSP, but the same thing is happening.

Does this mean that it's no longer a Struts problem?  Should I be asking these
questions on a JSTL forum?

Aaron V. Humphrey
Kakari Systems Ltd.

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