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From "Aaron Humphrey" <>
Subject logic:iterate tag fails on large dataset, succeeds on small one?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:57:49 GMT

I am trying to do a very simple data-display web application using Struts, with MySQL on the
back end.

Basically, I take a ResultSet and its ResultSetMetaData and put it into some beans.  I have
TableDataView object which contains a FieldList and a RecordCollection.  FieldList has a property
called fields which returns a List.  RecordCollection implements Collection, and containts
ArrayList of Record objects; Record returns an array of the field value objects as the property

My JSP page(showtable.jsp)looks like:

<logic:iterate id="fields" name="tableDataView" property="fieldList">
<TH><bean:write name="fields" /></TH>
<logic:iterate id="record" name="tableDataView" property="recordList">
<logic:iterate id="fvalues" name="record" property="fieldValues">
<TD><bean:write name="fvalues" /></TD>

If I run this on a small table, with 10 fields and 11 records, it works fine.  If I run it
on a
large table, with 28 fields and 307 records, then I get:

javax.servlet.ServletException: cannot find bean fvalues in any scope
        at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException(PageCon
        at org.apache.jsp.showtable_jsp._jspService(
        at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(
...[deletia...I can't imagine that any of it has anything to do with my error]

I can eliminate this problem if I reduce the number of fields in the table to 9 or 10,
but I can't see why this should be a problem, and certainly not why my looping bean
should suddenly become unavailable.  My unit tests seem to be telling me that my
Record bean should be properly returning a list of 28 field values.  I don't know at
what point things are breaking down.  I'm not experienced with JSP tag programming,
so I haven't been able to learn much from, or the compiled version
of showtable.jsp.  Any pointers on my problem would be much appreciated.

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