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From Vic Cekvencih <>
Subject Re: [Friday] How far can we let the clients push us?
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:52:28 GMT
baseBeans did it for a client.... we already built a MVC Struts app that 

They wanted Excel to be the GUI as well (so same info in JSP and Excell)
Design was PocketSoap (on cheat sheets) via Excel VBA 
talking to Struts FormBeans via Axis. Nice to be MVC.

They were very happy with impplementation.

Raible, Matt wrote:
> We had the same requirement from our client - and we actually implemented
> it!  Using JavaScript and the DOM, we're able to add/delete rows, sort by
> columns, have tabs for different sheets - pretty slick IMO.  Of course, it's
> an intranet app, so we require standards-compliant browsers
> (
> I think you have to estimate how long it will take to develop (and maintain)
> this, vs. a simpler system.  If they're willing to pay you for it - why not?
> If you tell them it'll cost them $500,000 for the online spreadsheet vs.
> $100,000 for the simpler version, they'll start to see the light.
> HTH,
> Matt
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> From: Yansheng Lin []
> Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003 10:12 AM
> To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
> Subject: [Friday] How far can we let the clients push us?
> To them, Online spreadsheet data-entry is a reasonable request.  They don't
> want
> to change their ways of practise, what can we do?  They are paying us!
> Darn, life is so hard!
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