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From "Dennis" <>
Subject Re: Where to build dropdown lists?
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:42:34 GMT

"Rick Reumann" <> wrote in message
> On Tue, Jul 15,'03 (01:56 PM GMT-0100), Dichotomy wrote:
> > My solution, which is perhaps not the most efficient memory-wise, is
> > to simply put it in (and retrieve it from) the session rather than the
> > request.
> I agree this is the best solution (using Session or Application scope).
> I brought this topic up a long time ago and ultimately you really have
> to use Session or Application scope if you plan to use Validation (or
> else settle for headaches getting it to work correctly with Request
> scope). If you use just Request scope you end up having to do
> some'crazier'(aka annoying) things to get the lists of beans for the
> drop downs to reset when validation fails. Search of the archives if you
> insist on using Request scope for the form lists and you'll find ways to
> do it, but none of them seemed worth the hassle(imo). If someone out
> there still has a nice clean way to get these request scope Lists back
> in scope after validation fails, I'd be interested in your solution.
> --
> Rick

What about the client side validation feature in the validator framework.
This way the you won't have to populate the list at all if validation
happens to fail because the form will not post unless it's valid.


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