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From Umberto Nicoletti <>
Subject Re: [SCAFFOLD] StorageBeanBase feature request
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 13:04:19 GMT
I have submitted a patch to Bugzilla 
( for this issue.
Is there anyone interested in it?


Umberto Nicoletti wrote:
> I am in the middle of the process of defining the data access layer to 
> be used for a new Struts-based application, for which we already use 
> Scaffold's ProcessBeans.
> We decided not to go with Hibernate as a persistence layer (to my 
> disappointment) and to choose Scaffold Access/StorageBean approach instead.
> Reading on this list I found an email by Ted Husted saying that he was 
> (maybe still is?) not happy with the StorageBean deployment.
> So my question is what should I do? I quite like the Scaffold data 
> access layer and more importantly my DBA trusts it too.
> I'd prefer to go with StorageBeanBase, but in this case I should make 
> minor modifications to the Scaffold code (which I will give back to the 
> community of course). The other option is the Access approach, but it is 
> deprecated and it is not nice to compile an application with lots of 
> warnings.
> The modifications I have to introduce in the StorageBeanBase are:
> replace all calls to
> StatementUtils.executeUpdate(null,etc);
> with:
> StatementUtils.executeUpdate(getResource(),etc);
> and add a static String resource=null; with getters and setters
> that can be overriden by subclasses. This is motivated by tha fact that 
> I have tables located in many different schemas/db hosts and want 
> ConnectionAdaptor to return the right connection for that schema/db host.
> Thank you,
> Umberto

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