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Subject bean:write and c:out only takes proper javabeans?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 16:07:35 GMT
Does the bean write tag and the c:out tag (JSTL) only accept object that
adhere to the Javabean specification?

I have objects with public fields(no getter or setter) and objects inside
objects all public(again no getter or setter).
But if I try to do somthing like(in JSTL) <C:out value="
${resultBean.intMember}"/> where intMember is just a public int field, I
get the following exception:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An error occurred while evaluating
custom action attribute "value" with value "${resultBean.intMember}":
to find a value for "intMember" in object of class "beantest.testBean1"
operator "." (null)

Yes, idealy I should use proper javabeans, but in this case my struts app
is interfacing with a CORBA based backend, and all result-structures
comming back are IDLEntities with public fields(the backend is an old
C-based app with nothing but heavily nested enums and structs and whatnot.

So my assumption was that the tags used reflection on fields so I could
just write value="${result.innerResult.wayInnerResult.innerLong}"
Are there any ways of doing this?

Henrik Bentel

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