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From "Puneet Agarwal" <>
Subject Re: Design in Struts
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 06:27:44 GMT

As per the best practice observation, it has always been suggested by
people to have two actions associated with all your screens( considering
one form per screen) . First one to load the page, and the other to process

But in case like ours we could have ended up with too many actions. So we
created one action class that is invoked for preloading excersise of all
So for all our screens we have a common action class that is invoked to
launch the screen and this action class forwards the request to approprite
page. Adn then we have one action class associated with every screen.

Hope it answeres your q.

Puneet Agarwal

Tata Consultancy Services,
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                    03/18/02 09:15 AM         Subject:     Design in Struts              
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Hi All,
I need some guidance about the design prespective of a Web Application
using Struts.

Is it advisable to have a Action with each Form?
If not, then How to have a single action for all your forms and do some
sort of redirection internally ?


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