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From "Charles Canning" <>
Subject [OT] Problem with html-el and JSTL
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 05:02:41 GMT

I have a form using html-el and jstl. I have a loop inside the form

<c:forEach items="${headerList}" var="header">
  <c:when test="${index} % 2 == 0">
   <TR bgcolor="FFEDED">
    <TR bgcolor="FFD8D8">
  <c:out value="${header.sender}"/>
  <c:out value="${header.subject}"/>
  <c:out value="${header.messageId}"/>

The forEach gets the two objects oin the list, but the <c:out> tags return
empty strings? Does anyone know what might be causing this. If I do a <c:out
value="${header}"> it prints the address of a jstl object. I know this is
slightly off-topic, but not sure whereelse to look. Thanks.


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