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From Peter Smith <>
Subject Exceptions from a tile
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:44:40 GMT
Hi all,

I am working on exception handling for my application.  I have an
ErrorsAction that all exceptions that are thrown should be sent to.  This
action logs the problem and then forwards to an error page specific to that
problem.  This works great for all my actions, but I am having a problem
getting this to work on the jsp side.  I have tried setting an errorPage
equal to the ErrorsAction.  It goes to the action, but
javax.servlet.error.exception is not set w/ the exception that was thrown.
I do see javax.servlet.error.status_code = 500.  I have also tried to not
set errorPage and setup my web.xml with catching ServletException and
JasperException.  This way does not make it to the action class.  It appears
the tile catches the exception before it gets that far.

Is there some configuration I might be missing in the ActionServlet or the
TilesPlugin?  Or is there something else?

Thanks, Peter
Peter Smith
Software Engineer
InfoNow Corporation

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