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From Jens v.P. <>
Subject Re: Dsiplaying forms without validation
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 16:42:08 GMT

this question was asked several times before, I also asked this 
questions a week ago. Just have a look at the mailing list archive.

There are two approaches:

1) Two actions: "ViewFormFirstTimeAction" with validate="false" in the 
struts-config.xml, and ViewFormAction with validate="true"

2) Create your own form class (as a subclass of a validator form 
class). Check whether the submit-value is present in the quest and, if 
not, skip super class validation, otherwise call super class validation 
function. Caution: You have to pay attention that in the first case 
your form is not skipped (no error occured and the "success" page is 
forwarded) - you maybe have to add a "firsttime" forward or something 
like this.


BTW: Oh - this question is also listed in the FAQ...

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