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From Jens v.P. <>
Subject Re: Why not to use Action chaining ?
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 15:16:09 GMT

Am Dienstag, 22.07.03 um 16:37 Uhr schrieb Siva:
> My requirement is like this : I have two different JSP files (assume 
> a.jsp
> ane b.jsp) arranged as tiles in a Layout page. If the user makes an 
> action
> in a.jsp, I need to change the model corresponds to both the a.jsp and
> b.jsp - both are independent and a.jsp will be in a small framework and
> this b.jsp can vary according to the modules the user views.
> b

If "b" is to be changed by "a", isn't there an interface or function of 
a business controller like class in framework "b" that can be called by 
"a". What does the second action calls? Do you need the second action 
as an adapter to different "b"-frameworks? Why don't you separate this 
adapter from the actions?


BTW: I wrote that command or actions in the command-pattern are 
stateless. This is not true. E.g. for undoing purposes they can have a 
state. But I'm still not sure if this state indicates the state of the 
business model or the state of the action itself ....

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