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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Action Under a Tile?
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:04:10 GMT
I am intermediately experienced with Struts, but I hit a brick wall 
today trying to solve the following problem:

I am about 90% finished with a web app for a client. In discussions 
yesterday they decided to add an "at-a-glance" section to each page of 
the web site. You can think of this as a news feed that will sit on the 
left sidebar, it will have the same information on every page, but 
generating the information will require some business logic, and thus an 

I can easily add the layout for this into the tile that services the 
pages on the site.... It will be a simple collection to iterate over, so 
the JSP is simple as well.

The Complicated Part: adding a collection to the request scope for each 
of my existing actions. There are 15 actions existing.

I dreamed that it would be possible to add a tiles definition that 
included the result of an Action as opposed to a JSP (well, more 
accurately, included a JSP after being sent through an action first). 
Essentially, this means 2 actions are executed on each request.... the 
request's action... and the action to populate the data sidebar.

I tried to do this, by using a tag like this:
<tiles:put name="at-a-glance" value="/common/"/>

I get the following error: Exception in /common/ Cannot 
forward after response has been committed

I am intermediately experienced with servlets, and I know that servlet 
includes are somewhat possible... but I'm obviously not experienced 
enough to solve this problem. Thanks for your help!

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