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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject login for half my action mappings, leaving other half unsecured
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 09:34:49 GMT
In some of my action mappings I am providing XML output for anybody and 
it shouldn't be protected by any web.xml security-constraint, but for 
the rest, I need login security which I already have set up.

What I have come up with after a slight false start is a plan to have 
all my secured requests go to /secure/*.do

This way I can map the *.do to the action servlet, and I can map the 
security-constraint to the /secure/*

The only doubt I have is that my action mappings in struts-config have a 
path that looks like path="/secure/dostuff" which I am not used to since 
I haven't used a pseudo-directory in my mapping path before. Is this OK, 
or am I barking up the wrong tree again?


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