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From Kevin J Citron <>
Subject RE: Iterate tag
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 01:29:24 GMT
I'm fairly new to struts. So, if this sounds like an easy question.
Bear with me.

Here is what I would like to able to to

use the iterate tag to iterate over a collection
creating a link to another page for each item of the iteration.

something like this.

<logic:iterate id="productCategory" name="productCategoryThingy" 
 <li><html:link page= ></html:link></li>

what I'm missing comes after the page attribute in the <html:link> tag
I can print out the items in the list using,
 <bean:write name="productCategory" property="name"/>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kevin J Citron
Sr. Object Imagineer
Optimized Objects, Inc.
EL Paso, Texas 79930
(915) 565-5777/566-2403

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