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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Re: Populating Drop downs
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:52:32 GMT
The Action is called prior to presenting the JSP only if you've set up:

an action mapping to map the user's URL to a an action
a forward to the JSP
and you set the Action's execute method to return a forward to that JSP

The "entry point" into the action is the execute() method which returns 
an ActionForward object. To create an ActionForward object use code like 
the following in your execute() method:

return mapping.findForward("name_of_forward");

Qasim Khawaja wrote:

> I need to populate three drop downs in a jsp before presentation. 
> Currently I have writted routines in the ActionForm which access the 
> DAO class and populate the lists. The problem is that the DAO class 
> throws an exception which means that I have to make my ActionForm 
> aware of a hibernateException. I want to do this in the action class 
> and make use of declarative exception handling.
> Is the Action called prior to presenting the jsp? If so what is the 
> entry point?
> Q
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