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From "Peter A. Pilgrim" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Jakarta Struts 1.1 fcs / Struts Expresso 5.1 ea2
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 23:48:41 GMT


By Peter Pilgrim
Monday July 14, 2003

FCS == Full Candidate Release*

I would like announce the release Struts 1.1 / Struts Expresso 5.1
Early Access 2 integration!

This ``Expresso Framework'' version is in between 5.1 early access and the
CVS.  I took my cut of the CVS version in the middle of July (12th 2003)
so by the time you read this email then Expresso Framework on the CVS
and on may have changed. Expect some differences. For
more information on Expresso Framework see
`` ''

This version of Expresso Framework should be treated as a standalone
test release. This version integrates, the Struts 1.1 FCS release
from Jakarta Apache project for the first time.  For more information
on Struts 1.1 see `` ''.

If you are a FIRST TIME Expresso usage, then you might be better off
going to JCorporate and downloading a stable release, albeit it will
be based on Struts 1.0. Expresso Framework is a DATA-DRIVEN web
application framework. It going take time to find yourself around a
new API! But If you consider yourself a HARD CORE developer, the type who
likes to scale tall building, and base jump off them into monstrous
source code, then considered yourself warned ...

As an Expresso core committer I want as many Expresso developers to
look at the Struts 1.1 as possible. You should try to compile your
applications against this release. Please report bugs to the mailing
list `` '' or the main Expresso eForum list.

Struts 1.1 brings a lot of new features

(*) Improved XML configuration
(*) Plug-ins
(*) Request Processor
(*) Global Exceptions (Not yet implemented or tested)
(*) Dynamic Form Beans and Dyna Beans
(*) Struts Validation (Not test fully)
(*) Commons Beans Utils Introspection
(*) Action Messages (Need further integration)
(*) Modules
(*) Struts EL Contribution
(*) More powerful custom tag actions

As well as the normal Struts Actions and Action Forms, among others.

I recommend two books "Struts In Action" by Ted Husted, published by
Manning and "Programming Jakarta Struts" Chuck Cavaness, published by


You can download the release from JCorporate
but failing that I have upload the release to


Please don't send email direct to me, I am working too hard and I am
far too busy to answer direct mail. Please send any queries and
feedback to the eForum, where other committers and other interested
parties can read your notes. Thank you.

The specific eForum look at this link


Or here


Or send mail to OpenSource mailing list

`` ''


Peter Pilgrim
Mon Jul 14 00:39:23 BST 2003

Peter Pilgrim
            __ _____ _____ _____
           / //__  // ___// ___/   +  Serverside Java
          / /___/ // /__ / /__     +  Struts
         / // ___// ___// ___/     +  Expresso Committer
      __/ // /__ / /__ / /__       +  Independent Contractor
     /___//____//____//____/       +  Intrinsic Motivation
On Line Resume
    \\===>  `` ''

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