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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Validator + <html:select> Problem
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:16:23 GMT
I feel a little embarrased asking this question... it seems so simple...

I'm having a problem when the Validator framework actually finds a 
validation error. My form contains a dynamically created drop-down. For 
correct data, the form works just fine.

When the user submits bad data, however, they get a page with their 
errors described (<html:errors/> ), but the drop down now has no values 
in it.... and thus the cannot ever submit good data again.

When I noticed the problem, my setup included a 
request.setAttribute("listitems", items) to insert the collection in the 
Action (on my "edit" action). I realized that this process probably did 
not occur following an HTTP submit to the "update" action. So my 
solution was to put a Collection object in the ActionForm.... then 
populate the drop-down with the ActionForm's collection.... thinking 
that the ActionForm object gets passed into the Action.... shouldn't the 
data be there?

The real question is... how do I repopulate the "n" values in a 1:n 
relationship on a form? I think I'm becoming confused with the lifecycle 
of the ActionForm object, especially with regard to what is happening on 
a submit..... where do I insert form setup code that will run both when 
the user requests the form and when the user receives the form back 
after submitting invalid entries?

Thanks for the help,

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