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From Nadja Senoucci <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: Form bean is not stored in request
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 10:32:25 GMT
Hello again,

>Do you need the above line for some good reason. If not, drop it.

I deleted the attribute line. Stupid easy-struts is still telling me that
attribute=suchen but I can't find the line the struts-config.xml anymore. I
have that line in all my action mappings (for forms anyway), it never did
anything... Why shouldn't I have the line in there?

Still things seem to be behave oddly... Here's the logging (with comments
from me) I don't quite understand what is going on anymore...

1) Looking for ActionForm bean instance in scope 'request' under attribute
key 'suchen'
2) Creating new ActionForm instance of type 'de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm'

This is the first call to the form, it correctly creates a new instance.

Then comes some general struts initialisation. Next 16 lines are from my
own debugging info for the dropdown in my form and then follows some more
struts message initialisations and such. All these are not really of
consequence here, so I deleted them.

Then after info in entered into the form and submit is pressed:

3) Get module name for path /
4) Module name found: default
5) Processing a 'POST' for path '/suchen'
6) Looking for ActionForm bean instance in scope 'request' under attribute
key 'suchen'
7) Creating new ActionForm instance of type 'de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm'
8)  --> de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@3acc67

As you can see, the form bean is stil being looked for even though I
deleted that line. Maybe, it's easy-struts messing things up but I checked
the code the line is not there anymore...
(mapping: <action
            type="de.zmnh.struts.action.SuchenAction" />
Tried switching to session, no change...)

9) Storing ActionForm bean instance in scope 'request' under attribute key

Now, it created a new one and stores this one in the request right away...

10) Populating bean properties from this request

It can't. The data of the form is gone...

11) BeanUtils.populate(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@3acc67,
12) setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@3acc67, field(searchfield1),
13) Skipping read-only property

I don't have a ready-only property in the form... Not that I know of
anyway. I have one in the next page, that should be displayed when all this
works, but not here...

14) setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@3acc67, submit, [Suchen])
DEBUG 2003-07-07 12:13:44,519 [HttpProcessor[8080][3]] (
org.apache.commons.beanutils.BeanUtils -
setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@3acc67, parameter(searchparam1),
15) Skipping read-only property
16) Validating input form properties
17) No errors detected, accepting input
18) Looking for Action instance for class de.zmnh.struts.action.SuchenAction
19) Creating new Action instance

The next two line are from a bean created in my Action class, that does a
few things with the data it shoudl be getting from my form. I have added
one line telling me the size of one of the maps that are stored in my form
bean and get passed to the this SearchSupportBean but since a new form bean
was created the size of this map is of course zero...

20) SearchSupportBean.createNew()
21) Fields size: 0

Any ideas? I know, I don't have any anymore... Completely confused now...
Thanks for the help so far.


Nadja  Senoucci
Universitaet Hamburg
Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie
Service-Gruppe EDV
Falkenried 94
20251 Hamburg
Tel.:040 - 428 - 03 - 6619
Fax.:040 - 428 - 03 - 6621

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