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From Julien Nérat de Lesguisé <>
Subject automated formbean and jsp generation
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 13:34:22 GMT

I have a db with about a hundred of tables, and I
would like to build a web app to access and modify
this data.
I am thinking about a mean to do this as generic as
possible : I don't want to create an action, an action
form and a jsp for each of my table.
What I would like to do is to have a generic formbean,
a generic action and a generic jsp that takes a
description of the table (why not xml), and from this
description is able to perform CRUD operations.
I must precise that my fields are not only strings,
there are also some checkboxes and listboxes.

I think this is quite a common problem, and I think
there must be existing tools that could help me, but I
don't know them (I would like to avoid tools that
generate code, for example a tool that would generate
100 jsp if I have 100 different tables, I prefer a
generic solution)

In fact there are 2 problems, one for the struts part,
and one other : O/R mapping (I think this is not the
subject of this topic, however if someone has an idea

Help greatly appreciated !!!


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