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From "Pingili, Madhupal" <>
Subject [OT]How to invoke Visual Basic Objects from Java Servlet(Action i n Struts)?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:14:50 GMT
Hello Everyone,
I don't think I have ever seen VB word (even as misspelled) on this mailing
But I have an interesting project where I have to use VB objects for
printing/faxing purposes. 
These VB objects are developed by EIS vendor to be used in custom
applications for printing/faxing
Here are my options:

1. I have to develop a VB application and install on client's desktop for
querying print/fax services on EIS.
    This is entirely possible. However, I don't like this option. 
    That's why, I am asking the help of experts on this mailing list.

2. I have already developed a Struts-based web application for
querying/viewing information from EIS using
   their Resource Adapter. This Resource Adapter does not support the
printing/faxing services that VB objects
   So, the real question is, How can I use Struts Action to invoke VB
objects just like Java objects?  
3. If I install VB runtime environment on client's desktop, can I somehow
use Applet to invoke VB objects
   just like Java objects? I guess it comes down to using VB objects in Java

I am looking for a Java API (~java2vb.jar) that can be copied under
Web-inf/lib same way we copy Struts jar files
and use them in Actions just like Java objects. I guess I need more help on
this part of the process.

I have read about J-Integra but don't have much information. If anyone has
used J-Integra for this purpose,
can you give me some guidance or share your thoughts on this effort.

I appreciate any ideas/help for me to use Struts for this project.  I guess
this is not an Off Topic for this mailing list.  



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