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From Kris Schneider <>
Subject Re: Iterating the resultset contents in the view (jsp)
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 16:42:36 GMT
Sure, understood. In fact I do this myself. But the reality is it's still an
identifier that's defined in the data layer, in this case embedded in SQL. My
point was that I'd be more concerned with identifiers defined in the data layer
getting referenced in the view layer then I would with using Result and
ResultSupport outside of a web app.

After an initial test, using Result and ResultSupport outside of a web app
appears to work just fine (only requires jstl.jar). FWIW...

Quoting "Craig R. McClanahan" <>:

> On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Kris Schneider wrote:
> > Well, okay, that makes the discussion a bit more abstract ;-). I
> > understand your point, but the bottom line is that it's just a namespace
> > (package) and an external library (JAR file). To my mind, the real
> > question with either Result or RowSetDynaClass is how far from the data
> > layer do you want the column names to propagate? In some cases that may
> > be all the way to the view layer.
> Column names need propogate only as far as the SQL query, if that's what
> you want, thanks to the "as" capability of SQL:
>   select customer_name as name, account_id as accountId
>     from customers
>     where past_due_status = 'Bad Boy';
> the column names in the result set will be "name" and "accountId", instead
> of whatever they are inside the database.
> Craig

Kris Schneider <>
D.O.Tech       <>

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