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From José Moreira <>
Subject Session vs GET parameters best practice
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:45:59 GMT
	Hello, i humbly confess that since my ASP/PHP times, not long ago,i've
been having problems understanding the 'best-practice' of 
Session vs GET parameters in CRUD's...

In my current application the practice i use is the following, for
editing a single PGSQL table:

 * a page displaying an result list with the records ( no paginator for
the time being), where a link like :

<detail> http://localhost:8081/

in each row points to a form where the user can instally manipulate the
data. In this page also there's a link like 

<delete> http://localhost:8081/

pointing to an actions that redirects to an 'deleteConfirm.jsp'.

Because of the 'eventId' is being saved in the HTTPSession when the user
enters, the delete link doesnt have an &eventId=X ...

In the confirmPage i have 2 links refering to :

Really delete event? 

<Yes> http://localhost:8081/

<No> http://localhost:8081/

But because of 'needing' an ?eventId=2 for displaying the 

right record, the page throws an error, that means that also needs ?eventId=2...

Resuming, it's a big mess, like this e-mail and my confused mind :)

Has anyone has thoughts for me?

thanks in advance ...

Ps.: I've read the manuals :)

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